Thursday, September 17, 2009

Problem Solving

How would you get your scooter
across the sidewalk while driving a tricycle?

Why, you make a tow-truck of course.

This is my three year old son, who even at his age already enjoys a little problem solving.

We all face several problems that surface on a daily basis. What you do with those problems is what makes the difference. There are so many ways that I have noticed people deal with their issues. The most common is to ignore them. Although it seems that this method doesn’t work, it tends to be a typical response in our society.

If you aren’t the type to ignore a problem then maybe you simply transfer the problem over to someone else. While this may take the weight off of your shoulders, it probably also delays the resolution and can even make the problem worse. Some of you may even SOLVE the problem, although this is probably the least common way that people deal with the issue at hand. I on the other hand, happen to LOVE problem-solving. (I know, a little weird I suppose.) Some of you may like to make the bed as soon as you wake up or only stir your coffee with a certain type of spoon, perhaps you can’t stand to break a rule. I happen to enjoy the sense of completion and huge satisfaction that comes with resolving problems as they surface.

I was reading a story to my daughter and her friend the other night . The girl in the story always ran into problems and got very frustrated. One day, she realized that she was starting to have the same problems that she had already dealt with and solved once before, therefore making the solution easier the second and third time around. When we finished the story I (in my most Mr. Rogers-esque voice) asked “Now what did we learn from this story, girls?”

As my daughter’s friend answered, I found myself filled with the same sense of completion and satisfaction as I would if I had just solved a problem. “If your car breaks it would be good, because then you would know how to fix it next time,” she replied. They got it.

Over the years working at Plantation Building Corp, I have noticed that I am surrounded by associates that enjoy problem solving as much as I do. We are constantly brainstorming new ways to make your problem a creative solution. If someone comes to us and wants to build a small house, it usually means it will be built with no tolerance right on the setback lines. If we get a large building, it means it will most likely be built above a parking lot. We thrive on making problems become some of the most impressive solutions around.

I have learned, over time, that part of the satisfaction in problem-solving is that next time the problem arises, I will already know how to resolve it. So if you want to build a difficult project, keep in mind that we would love to take it on. If you have a normal house on a normal lot let us know, I’m sure that we can figure it out.

And if you happen to need your scooter moved to a different part of the driveway, call me. I’ll make sure I don’t schedule it during pre-school hours!

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